How to Properly Clean a Retainer

Once your braces come off, an orthodontist may prescribe a retainer. A retainer can ensure your teeth remain in their optimal positions. Without one, your teeth may gradually shift back to where they were and force you to undergo orthodontic treatment again.

If you receive a removable retainer to keep your teeth straight or for any reason, you may wonder how to clean it. Fortunately, doing so is fairly easy. Rinse your retainer every time you take it out of your mouth. Take a soft bristled toothbrush and brush it gently with water on a daily basis. This can get rid of any plaque that accumulates on it. Garner, NC family dentist Dr. Adam Moore has stated that plaque can be a huge problem for children and adults.

Try to deep clean your retainer at least once a week. You can use a mild dish soap to gently scrub it. A mixture of white vinegar and water may do the trick as well. Whatever you do, make sure you rinse well before you insert the retainer back in your mouth. Don’t use toothpaste or anything too abrasive as it may scratch your retainer and make it look cloudy.

It’s also a good idea to keep your retainer in a case. Not only can it protect it from being thrown away or crushed, it may free it from dirt and other debris. If you travel often, a case is a necessity. You may want to purchase a few cases in case you lose one. Raleigh Invisalign orthodontist Dr. Jason Gladwell agrees that a case can be a game changer.

As long as you keep your retainer clean and in good shape, it should last at least two to five years, depending on the type it is. If you notice a deformed wire or tartar buildup that is impossible to remove, ask your orthodontist if it’s time for a replacement.

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